Cybersecurity Is The Next Big Thing. Here’s What You Should Do About It.

The world we live in has never been more connected. Some experts predict that by 2020 there will be 200 billion connected things. With the emergence of IoT (Internet of Things), the way we live and interact with the world around us will never be the same.

Each year brings more connectivity, digital transformation initiatives, network innovations, along with a number of new cybersecurity threats and landscape changes putting cybersecurity at the very top of the priority list when it comes to Networking and Security.

I became interested in Network Security after attending a NGFW Seminar that was hosted by Trends. Being a Network Engineer in an Enterprise with 50,000 employees all across 6 continents, I saw how insecure a Network can get as it expands and grows. I started studying Security mainly focusing on Cisco ASA, Barracuda and WebSense. After that, I started studying CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking).

CEH is a certification from the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) granted to those who obtain a passing score on a single exam (number 312-50).

Getting CEH Certified is the next best step if you want to be an expert in Cybersecurity. I’m currently studying CEH using uCertify. They offer 400+ titles in IT Certifications ((MicrosoftCompTIAOraclePMI, Cisco and so on).

I love how their resources are so easy to access and use. Once you log in, you will see all courses that are available to you in the Dashboard.


Once you launch the course, it will lead you to the main page where it monitor, tracks and displays your progress. The course has 5 parts:

Pre-Assessment – each course comes with 100+ test prep questions that helps the instructor assess the knowledge of the student.

Chapters & Lessons – it contains 22+ Chapters that provides complete coverage of the 312-50 exam objectives and covers topics such as ethical hacking, network topologies, cryptography, system hacking, and much more.

Performance Labs – 80+ hours of  ADA Compliant performance-based labs that simulate real-world hardware, software and command line interface environments.

Practice Tests – the courses comprises of 381+ exercises and 175+ quizzes to really prepare the student to pass the CEH certification exam.

Post Assessment – the final indicator of your learning and readiness. This is to be completed after you’ve done all of the practice test sets with a score of at least 70% to receive certificate of completion.


All in all, I really liked the Certified Ethical Hacking V9 course from uCertify. For someone with no background on Cybersecurity or hacking, I didn’t experience any information overload mainly because the lessons and examples were simple, relevant and concise. I love how each chapter comes with a pre-assessment, quizzes, lab and a post-assessment. It makes it super easy and fast to track my progress and how deeply I understood each lesson.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn about Cybersecurity. For professionals, this is great to add to your collection of certifications. It definitely adds to your value in the IT industry if you have CEH added to your Networking certifications like CCNA. For someone who is new in the Networking field, it is an advantage to start learning Cybersecurity now. And you can start by taking the CEH certification.

What certification do you want to accomplish this year? Is CEH one of them?

What online resources are you using for your study? Share it in the comments.


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